MAcroalgae activities

Below are some ideas for different activities you can do with macroalgae as a starting point. Algae as food is new and exciting for most people, and how about establishing your own facility for algae cultivation, or collecting algae from the shore?

Bladderwrack at Bromangymnasiet, Sweden - A teachers guide

By Magnus Johansson from Bromangymnasiet

A common topic for many natural science subjects is how to use science to answer questions, and in a world of increasing amounts of information, such knowledge is of great importance. However, when it comes to experimental design, theory and practice can be two very different things and students need to get a grip on both in order to truly become familiar with the topic. In this ‘Teacher’s guide’ I am broadly outlining my thoughts on the subject while also presenting an example. I have intentionally made this guide general in order to accommodate more room for you to adapt to the circumstances in your class and the environment you have at your disposal.

Bladderwrack at Bromangymnasiet

A school project about asking questions

Presentation by Magnus Johansson from Bromangymnasiet 

In English

Working with macroalgae

Presentation by Guri Kunna Upper Secondary School, Norway

In Norwegian

Macroalgae cultivation

Presentation by Val Upper Secondary School, Norway

In Norwegian with English subtitles

Practical activites

As part of the Macroalgae Initium project, two practical intellectual outputs were developed by the Irish Seaweed Consultancy. These can be used in lectures and practical assigments.